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Franza - Svizzera
Dejjem ghogbitni t-tahlita ta' poezija, melankonija u analizi politika u socjologika ta' shabi Francizi...
I'm not sure I told you this French theory, in which I strongly believe, about France only being able to win games when the government is on the left: well, after watching yesterday's game, I can just confirm it... We're all waiting for our national team to cheer us up as a nation (but in the same time, 60% of the people here just LOVE constantly spitting on them...), and here we go again -sad, slow, untalented, painful games. Our football is the exact reflection of our national mood : very unsecure, unconfident, seeking for a way out of the swamps. Wait & see, it could miraculously get better, but... Enough said! Thomas

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