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Pride without prejudice

Thank you for inviting me here. Antoine assures me that the blog is open to posts in any language which is a good thing since, if I attempt to write about football in Maltese, I will be writing in a language I know little of about a sport I know nothing about :)

The fact that I know practically nothing about football has not, however, stopped me from writing about the World Cup in today's The Times (I think actually, the fact that it is 48 minutes past midnight around these parts makes that yesterday). Whatever. 17 June: Pride without prejudice. It starts as well as can be expected in the circumstances:
I am not particularly keen on football. Actually, strike that. I am completely indifferent. I do not hate it. It just does nothing for me. Despite being competitive by nature (for proof, apply to all my former Scrabble partners), football leaves me cold. I cannot watch it and I definitely do not play it. It is simply not a part of my life.
I usually like to send my pieces to a couple of people before I submit it for publication so that I can take into consideration some advance feedback. I miss the newsroom brainstorming of old and having to defend my corner to the editor before he accepts a piece for publication. It is a process which tends to weed out problems before the piece actually makes it to print.

This piece, I am sure you would like to know, has already been branded "superficial" and "flawed" by a couple of good friends whose opinion I respect. 800 words does not make for depth so I am ready to accept that criticism but I still have to be persuaded it is flawed. Thus, I lay it open here for discussion, if it interests anyone enough to want to...

The Times yesterday also carried another interesting piece under the heading The geopolitics of football which I think also merits a read.

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Blogger Jacques René Zammit qal/qalet...

You want criticism? You don't need to ask.

Simple. For a piece inspired by the blogosphere (again) it would be good to practice what you preach and quote the source.

I know you will not agree and will try to find some way of explianing that all that is written comes straight from the mind ... schadenfreude and all...

So take this crit as you like. It is not an invitation to discussion. Nor is it a joke.


18/6/06 11:00  
Blogger wwwitchie qal/qalet...

It actually was not inspired by the blogosphere and Antoine can vouch for that. I discussed it with him a few days before the discussion here broke out. :) The only reference to the blogosphere is the nod to Gybexi and his use of Schadenfreude. Sorry to burst your bubble, Jacques, but I actually had a supervisor who wrote a book about sport and national identity so if anything, my column was inspired by him.

18/6/06 15:58  

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