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Ifraħ, ifraħ kemm tiflaħ

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F.C. Baked Beans



Sporting Bacalhau


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Blogger wwwitchie qal/qalet...

Did you get my text? Veru hsibt fik... I was in town and suddenly I heard lots of shouting and people started pouring out of pubs with very sad faces... Very drunk and very sad... I asked someone what the score was (thankfully I knew England was playing but only because I heard someone say so ahahahaha)... and they told me England went out on penalties against Portugal... and the first person I thought of was you... Now I want a blow-by-blow description of your feelings after the match... ejja for the sake of anthropological investigation ;)

1/7/06 23:37  
Blogger wwwitchie qal/qalet...

You know, come to think of it, no bloody wonder the shops at the mall were empty!!! I dropped by Churchill Square shopping centre and it's usually teeming with people and today it was practically empty... duh! How I just love living in a parallel universe.

1/7/06 23:39  
Blogger Antoine Cassar qal/qalet...

Yes, got your text :) As for a description of my feelings after the match, a 13-letter word in German comes to mind... but I had to keep it to myself because the Każin ta' Lourdes was full of England fans... then I came home and laughed my heart out :D

It's only a game, but I love it...

1/7/06 23:54  
Blogger Antoine Cassar qal/qalet...

It's a great shame Brazil were knocked out though. Zidane and Ribery made a real mess of them...

1/7/06 23:56  
Blogger gybexi qal/qalet...

Mela ironika kif il-hoss tal-kelma "barabens!" tinstema' qisha l-kliem "barra, beans!" hux :p

2/7/06 09:42  
Anonymous Maria qal/qalet...

Ikolli nammetti li ma kontx naf x'inhuma l-"baked beans". Imma jfakkruni f'xi ħaġa li ma tantx inħobbha...
Kont taf li bħala "ikel nazzjonali" tal-Greċja titqies il-"fasolada" (soppa tal-ful)?

2/7/06 15:47  
Blogger Antoine Cassar qal/qalet...

Nice one Bex :)

2/7/06 17:44  

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